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Model State-Supported Area Health Education Centers

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

To improve the distribution, diversity, supply, and quality of health personnel in the health services delivery system by encouraging the regionalization of health professions schools. Emphasis is placed on community-based training of primary care oriented students, residents, and providers; also includes health careers programs for 9-12 grade students. The Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) program assists schools in the development and operation of AHECs to implement educational system incentives to attract and retain health care personnel in scarcity areas. By linking the academic resources of the university health science center with local planning, educational and clinical resources, the AHEC program establishes a network of health-related institutions to provide educational services to students, faculty and practitioners and ultimately to improve the delivery of health care in the service areas. These programs are collaborative partnerships which address current health workforce needs within a region of a State or in an entire State. The program embraces the goal of increasing the number of health professions graduates who ultimately will practice in underserved areas. The program carries on health careers recruitment enhancement activities to attract elementary and secondary school students from underserved areas into health careers.